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Check out the world’s first fully modular system of wake, kite and skim park equipment. Shellows is like Lego for water sports enthusiasts. You can modify and extend your individual feature. Select the pieces yourself or choose one of our ready-to-use sets and start your adventure with Shellows! 

is endless fun

By picking available modules, you can design your obstacles with Lego-like ease, and adjust them to the skill levels of their users. At any time, you can change the configuration or rebuild it totally by using your elements, adding new ones or taking some of them away. All you need to quickly and safely set it up directly on water are basic tools.

Create your obstacle
in 4 steps


Every project starts in the mind. Define your needs and your vision of what the park should look like. Sketch, form, compose and don’t limit yourself. From now on, you are the designer and it is up to you how complex your pieces will be.


Time to turn your plans into reality. Pick the right elements for your configuration and don’t forget that you can always extend your feature by adding new modules. The more diverse the obstacles in the park are, the more fun it is for its users.

Shellows | Przeszkody Modułowe Wake, Kite & Skim


The work system we propose and the technology we use reduce production time and final costs of the product. Define the exact quantity and models, send us your requests and we’ll take care of the rest. We give more for less and everybody is happy.


After you place the order, it’ll take us several days to complete it. The assembly of our products doesn’t require advanced logistics or special tools. The Shellows system enables simple and quick combining of modules in any configuration. Their installation in the final destination takes a few hours.

You don’t have time to design your own obstacles?   

Shellows Wakeboard Obstacles | Up Rail & Kicker

Jumps Collection

Check out the collection of obstacles designed for those who like to fly. We have features allowing beginners to get used to riding obstacles, as well as complex sets for demanding riders.

MODEL: Up Rail & Kicker
DIMENSIONS: 600 x 240 x 150 (cm) 
RIDING LEVEL: Beginner, Inter

Shellows Wakeboard Obstacles | Baby Kicker

Baby Kicker

dimensions | cm 200x120x50

Shellows Wakeboard Obstacles | A-Frame Table

A-Frame Table

dimensions | cm 1000x240x100

Shellows Wakeboard Obstacles | Baby Table

Baby Table

dimensions | cm 400x240x100

Shellows Wakeboard Obstacles | Snake Slider & Kicker

Snake Slider & Kicker

dimensions | cm 1200x240x150

Adjust the obstacles to the needs and skills of the riders

Obstacles, their right configuration and adjustment to the skills of their users are the key element of every wakepark. Too advanced features can effectively discourage anyone from wakeboarding. At the same time, the lack of obstacle diversity significantly hinders the development of skills. At Shellows, we know how to solve such problems. We like change cause it brings progress! See how we do it at Shellows.

Shellows Wakeboard Obstacles for Wakepark


Best for Beginners
A promotional set of obstacles for wakeparks dedicated to newly opened venues. Designed for beginner riders starting their adventure with wakeboard

PARK CATEGORY:  newly established
RIDING LEVEL: Beginner, Inter


Baby Kicker L | Shellows Wakeboard Obstacles

Baby Kicker L

dimensions | cm 200x180x50

Slider & Kicker | Shellows Wakeboard Obstacles

Slider & Kicker

dimensions | cm 1400x240x50

Baby Table | Shellows Wakeboard Obstacles

Baby Table

dimensions | cm 400x240x100

Expand this set in the future for 5.900

At any moment, as your investment develops you can extend your obstacles by adding new modules (without having to buy new, expensive elements).
As a result, your facility will be more attractive and well adjusted to the level of advancement of the riders. You don’t want to bore them with the same old features they all know too well.


Kicker M | Shellows Wakeboard Obstacles

Kicker M

RIDING LEVEL: Beginner, Inter, Pro
dimensions | cm 200x180x100

Two-Sided Slider & Pyramid | Shellows Wakeboard Obstacles

Two-Sided Slider & Pyramid

RIDING LEVEL: Beginner, Inter, Pro
dimensions | cm 1600x240x50

A-Frame Table L | Shellows Wakeboard Obstacles

A-Frame Table L

RIDING LEVEL: Beginner, Inter, Pro
dimensions | cm 1400x240x100

See where Shellows’ innovativeness lies

We believe that the combination of passion, knowledge and experience is a guarantee of success. We break old patterns by sharing our ideas and energy with people who, like us, aren’t afraid to think outside the box.

Modular System

Since we like change, we adopted a similar approach to Shellows. As you develop your park, you may develop your system by adding new elements in any direction at any moment, or by recombining the pieces. As a result, your facility will be more attractive. You don’t want to bore your riders with the same old features they all know too well. 

Quick and Easy Setup

Our products have been designed to enable their quick and trouble-free assembly and disassembly. We use modular components, and thanks to that the construction of the entire obstacle usually takes just a few hours. You chill, we do the rest. No stress, no advanced logistics, no extra costs.
This is Shellows! 

High Resistance

We are the world's only obstacle manufacturers to use polyethylene rotomoulding technology. Polyethylene belongs to the most durable raw materials. It is resistant to mechanical damage, abrasion, salt water, oil and UV. In addition, polyethylene offers good glide properties.


One product — many possibilities. All thanks to the modular structure, low weight and small size. It means that in practice, the entire system can be moved or rented anywhere, and used as a sports or event attraction. During the winter season, modules can turn into snowpark obstacles.

2-Year Warranty

We produce all the elements in a ISO factory, which allows us to ensure the highest quality standards. We stand behind our products and service with confidence. In the rare cases that you do receive a faulty product, we will replace it free of charge within the warranty period. 


Weld-free construction, no metal frames or sharp edges guarantee comfortable and safe use of the features on water. Shellows modules meet the requirements set in the Directive 2001/95/EC of the European Parliament on general product safety.

Advertising System

We enjoy cooperating with our friends. The moment you purchase your first Shellows module you become a member of our community, and we will be more than happy to help you find sponsors for your facility. In order to do so, we have equipped our products with a special advertising system that will let you show off your logo or your partner’s ads on the obstacles. 

Customization Service

If you decide that standard solutions do not meet your requirements, we will be happy to show you what we’ve got up our sleeve. Let us tell you something to encourage you. Especially for you, we can manufacture obstacles in the color of your choice. We can also take care of everything artsy, design your customized ad, and put your logo up on the obstacle. 

Functional Solutions

We focus on the practical approach to the subject because we know it is easier to eat with a knife and a fork than with chopsticks. Thanks to the transport handles, you can move each module comfortably. The „water coat” system helps stabilize the product while allowing its immersion depending on your preference. Just unscrew the plug and pour the right amount of water directly from the reservoir.

Where there is water and passion, there is Shellows

Water environment is something we can’t imagine our lives without.
With Shellows, we don’t limit ourselves to one sports category only. You will find us in outdoor, as well as indoor facilities. We are offering our comprehensive support in the field of design and construction of infrastructure for sports events.
Let’s do something together!

Let’s do it together

The key advantages of the Shellows system are its mobility and quick & trouble-free assembly and disassembly, and because of that, we are able to design and install elements tailored to the needs of a specific event on any water body. We will also deal with preparation, production and assembly of the advertising system directly on obstacles along with the visual identification of your event.

Choose modules and start your adventure with Shellows

The power of Shellows lies in the synergy between the users of our products and us. After numerous heated discussions, sketches, models and riders’ remarks, our first modules - SliderBox and KickerBox could finally see the light of day. Based on those two, you can start building your own system. As the project develops, we will be adding new elements successively. You have an idea for another product? We can’t wait to hear about it!

SliderBox | Shellows Wakeboard Obstacles


Shellows modules make one compact piece that is mechanically formed in high temperatures in the production process called rotomoulding. For the manufacture of our products, we use extremely durable polyethylene, which is exceptionally resistant to mechanical damage, as well as atmospheric conditions.

LENGHT: 200 cm
WIDTH: 60 cm
HIGHT: 50 cm
WEIGHT: 50 kg

KickerBox | Shellows Wakeboard Obstacles


The upper part of Shellows boxes is covered with HDPE sheet, which is responsible for good glide. This element is replaceable so once it wears out, you can get a new one. This way you can avoid full disassembly or replacement of the entire product.

LENGHT: 200 cm
WIDTH: 60 cm
HIGHT: 50 cm
WEIGHT: 35 kg

Shellows means countless modifications

Using just a few elements, you can construct a simple feature for beginners and more advanced riders, or a more complex set for pros! Functional jointing system is a guarantee of simple assembly and quick modifications of a feature directly on the water. Use our ideas or create your own original set. 

 Beginners configuration

Baby Table | Shellows Wakeboard Obstacles for Wakepark

Baby Table

Designed for wakeskaters but will be appreciated by beginner wakeboarders too. Wide shape combined with a gentle slope gives it an urban vibe.

COLLECTION: Jumps Collection
DIMENSIONS: 400 x 240 x 100 (cm) 
RIDING LEVEL: Beginner, Inter

Two-Sided Slider & Pyramid | Shellows Wakeboard Obstacles for Wakepark

Two-Sided Slider & Pyramid

A classic, two-way Slider combined with a two-side Kicker. Great for a small cable or kite parks.
A classic obstacle with countless possibilities.

DIMENSIONS: 1600 x 240 x 50 (cm)
RIDING LEVEL: Beginner, Inter, Pro

Two-Sided Baby Butter Box | Shellows Wakeboard Obstacles for Wakepark

Two-Sided Baby Butter Box 

A two-way base for Butter Box - a Slider on a wide base. It’s a guarantee of stability and comfort of use. Perfect for beginner riders who start using obstacles. The possibility of extension makes it an ideal offer for every park.

DIMENSIONS: 600 x 120 x 50 (cm)
RIDING LEVEL: Beginner, Inter

Inter & Pros configuration

Rooftop & Kicker | Shellows Wakeboard Obstacles for Wakepark

Rooftop & Kicker

3 in 1, i.e. Kicker combined with Rooftop and finished with Slider. Its length can be changed at any time. Functional obstacle with numerous modification possibilities. Suits every rider.

DIMENSIONS: 1000 x 240 x 100 (cm)

Two Level Up Rail | Shellows Wakeboard Obstacles for Wakepark

Two Level
Up Rail

This urban style, two-level version of Up Rail offers a wide range of tricks on sloping glide surface and its side edges. Recommended for both big and small cable. Ideally suited for kite parks.

COLLECTION: Jumps Collection
DIMENSIONS: 600 x 120 x 150 (cm)

Step Up Slider & Kicker | Shellows Wakeboard Obstacles for Wakepark

Step Up Slider & Kicker 

A multifunctional, two-level Slider combined with Kicker, that you can install on either left or right side of the feature, at any length. A broad range of possibilities of use keeps this obstacle fresh so its users don’t get bored. Perfect to learn transfers.

DIMENSIONS: 1200 x 240 x 100 (cm)
RIDING LEVEL: Beginner, Inter

What would your
set look like?

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We specialize in design, development and production of modular components and obstacles for wakeboarding, kiteboarding and skimboarding.

At the same time, we are offering our comprehensive support in the field of construction and rental of infrastructure for sports events. 

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